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Operated by Mark Fox, CoFox Digital are a team of highly skilled digital nerds who have been creating scalable apps, websites, digital strategy and marketing campaigns for over 10 years.

We work with fitness & bodybuilding professionals to help conceptualise their ideas into 6 & 7 figure digital platforms. Whether this be physical products such as clothing, apparel and supplements or digital products such as ebooks or membership websites.

To date we have helped build and grow some of the largest membership platforms in the fitness/bodybuilding space and work with a number of brands to help scale their digital business. Take a look at some of the services we have to offer, checkout our previous clients below and when you’re ready drop us a message or give us a call to discuss your project in more detail.

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Ganbaru Method

Web & App


Jordan Peters

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Hypertrophy Coach

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My personal requirements to enter into a professional relationship with anyone are extremely high, and I can comfortably say Mark is the only person I see myself happily continuing to do business with in the foreseeable future.

Mark possesses a rare combination: he is genuinely considered for my professional success, as well as my personal wellbeing. And his skill-set is matched equally by his professionalism. He allows me to focus 100% on my talents, the things that are income producing, efficient uses of my time, and gives me the confidence and piece of mind to trust him to an exemplary job on his end. And his professionalism makes communication, task completion, and progression of the business simple and easy.

I don't recommend Mark to everyone, because most people are by on Marks level of "business maturity". But when I know someone that truly excels at their skill, that also has my personal respect, I throughly enjoy connecting them with Mark because I know the success both ends will bring. In my opinion, business relationships should not be difficult or forced. Mutual respect, willingness to work hard, and desire to see each other succeed should make business easy. And that, happily, is the professional relationship I have, and one can expect working with Mark.

Joe Bennett, HypertrophyCoach
Jordan Peters

I have known Mark for close to 6 years, initially he built our custom client area to handle checkins, this allowed my partner Corinne and I to manage our time very efficiently and the system is still in place now, exactly as it was when he built it. Since then we moved onto a subscription site together, which is now has over 5000 members. The site has both iPhone and android app functionality, which has proved very useful for the members. Mark is always very prompt in his reply, and always the absolute professional. In the whole time I have known him, it has been a pleasure to work and interact with him.

Jordan Peters, TrainedbyJP

We have worked with Mark on a number of projects and will continue to so do. Mark understands our needs and in delivering projects, met our demands and exceeded our expectations. His pro-activeness and communication are a credit to him and helped us meet our deadlines and deliver a great end product.

Juliet Barratt, CMO & Co-Founder GrenadeUK

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